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Sound & Vision

A series of promotional videos, edited by Beccatoria, brought Volume 1 to animated life – and the Kickstarter promos also showed how MSCSI entered the lives of its diverse fans.

With the second Kickstarter, a viral campaign based around ‘e:nigma’ and ‘Riddla’ logo stickers blurred the boundaries between the fictional universe and the real world, while model and actor Arielle Fox played Cat in a live action commercial for the new MSCSI t-shirts.

Original Videos

Title: Counting Backwards

Creator: Beccatoria

Audio: "Counting Backwards", Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses (1991)

Notes from Beccatoria: "It was pretty damn exciting to have the chance to help with this project, but also a little intimidating as it was the first time I'd worked with a comic book as the primary source. Working out how to keep a sense of motion while retaining the 'feel' of a comic was my primary consideration here, which is why I went with fairly geometrical motion patterns to mimic the borders of panels and pages."


Title: Cat People

Creator: Beccatoria

Audio: "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)", David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder (1982)

Notes from Beccatoria: "This video was challenging because I felt the source audio was more pensive and foreboding and it felt natural to reflect that in a slower, more deliberate editing pace, but also a need to keep the viewer engaged. I took me a while to settle on a solution, but I enjoyed creating the lighting effects that draw attention to various panels. I also think it's neat that I got to preview some characters who haven't made their debut in the comic yet!"


Title: Bright Yellow Gun

Creator: Beccatoria

Audio: "Bright Yellow Gun", Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses (1995)

Notes from Beccatoria: "This video was a great chance to focus on Cat's 'superheroic' side as well as her contrast with the Urbanite. The second issue offered such great visuals. In an attempt to keep the comic book aesthetic in the foreground, as well as a sense of pace and anticipation, I began flipping images over, as if turning the page. It was also a pretty text-heavy issue, so I experimented more with the dialogue, trying to convey meaning and tone concisely."


Title: Kickstarter video, Volume 1, 2014

Creator: Beccatoria


Title: Kickstarter video, Volume 2, 2015

Creator: Beccatoria


Title: Volume 2 'e:nigma' promo, 2015

Creator: Beccatoria


Title: Volume 2 'Grey Cat' promo, 2015

Creator: Beccatoria

Audio: 'Electric Brain', Tan Hauser Gate (2006)