It's been a rollercoaster first year for MSCSI.

After releasing Issue 1 to critical acclaim in February 2013, we published Issue 2 on a weekly basis, with the artwork going online the day it was finished, to give our fans an immediate return on their generous donations.

Between June and September, we updated with new features – Sound & Vision, with exclusive videos and Gloria City bands, and Community with Cat’s favourite websites – while retaining favourites such as the Lookbooks from Issues 1 and 2, the interviews linked from our Reviews page, and of course the first two issues, available in full for free.

MSCSI geared up into its next phase during Fall 2013, as Issue 3 of Cat's adventures went online. We commissioned a special portrait by Amanda Braxton to celebrate Cat’s first meeting with Connie ‘Sekhmet’ Carmichael, while this exclusive cover image by Ursula Dorada showcases Kyla Flyte, who debuts in Issue 4.

In December 2013, MSCSI issues 1 and 2 were published for the first time, in print, in a collaboration with Geeked magazine. We appeared on the shelves of iconic London bookshop Foyles, on Charing Cross Road, and you can buy your own copies here.

To celebrate our first anniversary, in February 2014, we were invited to contribute a special feature on women in superhero comics by Stylist magazine. Our friends at Stylist have given us permission to reprint it here, in full, and you can view it on iPad here. In June, MSCSI writer Will Brooker and artist Sarah Zaidan are joining international superstars Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis on a panel at the British Library, to discuss the role of the superhero.

Meanwhile, prepare yourself for Issue 4, where Cat meets Kyla Flyte and arch-villain Carnival – and keep watching this space, as we have huge plans for what happens next.

As ever, keep in touch with us on Twitter, email and Facebook. Smart is a superpower.

Suze Shore, Sarah Zaidan, Will Brooker

"To put it simply, it's really, really goddamn good."

Sean Kleefeld


Julian Darius, Sequart.org

"As the founder of Comicspedia, the most frequent question I'm asked is, 'What comics would you recommend for girls?' MSCSI provides the answer. It's a solid, wonderful comic and I hope it explodes in popularity."

Patrick O'Connor, Comicspedia.net

"The one we've been waiting for! It's so good I want to weep."

Geeked Magazine

"Everything about Cat, and her story, is something I can buy into. She's the whole thing. She's the focus. And she's real. While I can’t help wishing she’d been around when I was younger, I'm infinitely grateful she’s here now. And I can’t imagine anything cooler than having a chance at being a supporting character in My So-Called Secret Identity."

Karra Shimabukuro, 8 Days a Geek


"Splendid... the Lookbook is excellent, like the special features on a DVD."

Mike Allwood, Producer, Comic Expo Events


Lea Hernandez

"My So-Called Secret Identity exceeded my expectations. I love it. It speaks to me like no other comic I've ever seen."

Lucy Bennett, Chair, Fan Studies Network

"I LOVE IT. Genuinely, hugely, madly."

Laura Sneddon, ComicBookGrrrrl.com

"Stylish, engaging and just a little bit romantic - a superhero story for the Grazia generation."

Louise Voss, bestselling author of Killing Cupid and Catch Your Death

"A great comic, 4.5 stars."

Geek Syndicate, geeksyndicate.co.uk