How Do I Keep My Battery From Corroding in My AA Flashlight: Guide + Tips

Battery corrosion is everyone’s problem. So, how do I keep my battery from corroding in my flashlight, you may ask? This article has the answer and more info.

Everyone must have encountered the problem of battery corrosion. Whether the battery is used in your flashlight or has been stored for years, most of them still corrode. So, how do I keep my battery from corroding in my best AA flashlight, you may ask?

While almost all batteries will corrode through time, there are a few batteries that promise not to leak. However, it’s good to understand why certain batteries corrode. …

C Cell Vs D Cell: What You Need To Know

C cell vs. D cell, which one of them is the superior power source? Take a good look at this article if you want to answer that question.

While small, lightweight batteries seem to be the top choices for power sources of a wide range of devices nowadays, bulky C cells and D cells still see considerable uses, especially in medium-drain applications. In fact, recent advances in battery technologies boost the capability of the venerable dry cells. Interestingly, as C cells and D cells tend to have similar voltage ratings, one particular subject attracts lots of attention: C cell

Best Music Flashlight App In 2020: A Guide For Smartphone Users

Looking for the best music flashlight app in 2020? In the case you want to light up the night using your phone, this article is what you need.

Overall, flashlights definitely prove handy in low light conditions but lots of people don’t have the habit of keeping them around at all times. In fact, for expedient illuminations, many folks depend on the lights coming from their smartphones. That being said, at original configurations, today’s smartphones could barely illuminate the immediate surroundings. As a result, if you also use your phone for illuminations, it may be wise for you to

11 Brilliant Hacks for Reading Comics at Night With Flashlight

If you’re a fan of comic books, these 11 brilliant hacks for reading comics at night is for you. Take a look at the article to see if you would learn something new. 

Comics are read by everyone; old or young, rich or poor. Comics help the reader to travel into a world of imagination and colors. They’ve been around for quite some time now and readers usually have to spend hours of their life going through these comics. These colored books bring us together and tell stories that betray normal human logic or science. 

Reading comics is nice and

SEINC New LED Book Light Tool: The Perfect Night Time Reading Flashlight Accessory For eReaders

Plan to purchase SEINC new LED book light tool for nighttime reading but like to check out some reviews first? In that case, this article is for you.

Overall, ebook readers allow you to enjoy a wide range of literatures but like usual reading, proper illumination is key. Reading on eReaders in low-light conditions strain the eyes which may lead to lots of optical issues over time. Hence, it’s important that you use your Ebook readers in brightly-lit spaces so as to protect your eyesight. “But what if I just don’t want to disturb people around me while using my