MSCSI, created by Suze Shore, Will Brooker and Sarah Zaidan, launched online in February 2013. Issues 2 and 3, funded entirely by fan donations, followed later that year, with Issue 4 released in June 2014.

During that time, MSCSI has been acclaimed by the comics press and mainstream media, and featured in international publications like Ms Magazine, The Guardian, Times Higher Education, Femina and Stylist. Issues 1 and 2 were reprinted in a special issue of Geeked magazine, and in June 2014 the MSCSI creators joined the British Library's prestigious Comics Unmasked event, with Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis.

Now we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Issue 5 – the final episode of this first volume – and to bring out the complete story as a collected, full colour, high quality print edition. Visit our Kickstarter page for pre-order details and glimpses of the bonus rewards – including signed, original art and Urbanite menswear – and check out our shop, where you can already get your hands on the unique and authentic Cat logo t-shirt.

We've come a long way, with your help. And with your help, we'll keep on going.

As ever, keep in touch with us on Twitter, email and Facebook. Smart is a superpower.

Suze Shore, Sarah Zaidan, Will Brooker

"Boy, is it good!"

Kyrax, ‘The San Diego Batgirl’


Fourth Wave Feminism

"My So-Called Secret Identity features a superhero we all can rally around, an antidote to the brawny chauvinists and busty sex symbols of mainstream comics. Cat certainly has a bright future ahead of her"

Ms. Magazine

"The one we've been waiting for! It's so good I want to weep."

Geeked Magazine

"A comic that gives readers properly characterised, relatable superheroines whose brains are more important than their bodies... MSCSI is catering for a shamefully-overlooked but hungry audience of female fans."

Stylist Magazine


"Splendid... the Lookbook is excellent, like the special features on a DVD."

Mike Allwood, Producer, Comic Expo Events


Lea Hernandez, co-creator with Gail Simone of Killer Princesses

"Great characters, beautifully drawn. I wish there'd been a comic like this when I was a girl."

Mary Talbot, co-creator of Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes and Sally Heathcote, Suffragette

"I LOVE IT. Genuinely, hugely, madly."

Laura Sneddon, ComicBookGrrrrl.com

"My So-Called Secret Identity will change your view on women in comics."

The Daily Dot

"Smart... a great comic."

Brigid Alverson, Comic Book Resources